Monday, 25 August 2008

Clinging to the bandwagon

Sorry but I just couldn't let this go.

As planned, Jamie and I spent a large chunk of this afternoon watching Britain's Olympic heroes return home.

It was a true moment in history and well done to them all.

But did you see the other Team GB's pathetic attempts to muscle in on proceedings?

I speak, of course, of our esteemed Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his two lackeys, Tessa Jowell and Andy Burnham, who lined themselves up at the terminal entrance in front of the world's media to personally welcome each Olympian back to British soil. There were no HRHs or other VIPs standing alongside them. Just these three appendages complete with their inane grins and outstretched hands.

They are the very same individuals who met the very same British athletes at a party in Beijing last night having spent the previous day holding court in Team GB's part of the Olympic village.

At a time when our economy's going through the floor, people are losing their jobs, our troops are fighting two wars and terrorists are threatening our way of life, would you not think Brown and his bag carriers would be better spending their time doing something to tackle these problems rather than hang around an airport trying (for the third time in three days) to achieve some sort of reflective Olympic glory at the expense of athletes who've actually earned it?

Apparently the British team's next stop after seeing their families is a drinks reception. In Downing Street. Hosted by Gordon Brown.

The man makes me itch.

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