Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Stars and Whites

The kids are now two days into the Easter countdown and February half-term already seems a long time ago.  But the memories remain.  

Some people we know used the break to visit exotic locations including Dubai and New York.  And we were equally flash.

Here are three members of the White family enjoying the blue skies of Doncaster.   

And this is two of them in Barnsley.

Living the dream, I tell thee.  We even squeezed in a shopping trip to Pontefract.

My personal fear is that we've now set the bar too high and the rest of the year will be an anticlimax.  Time will undoubtedly tell.   

After a couple of days to get over the excitement, Jamie and I went to Yeadon Town Hall to see "The Quo Experience" play live.  And it was a very positive experience. 

69-year-old Francis Rossi was played by someone 50 years his junior (fact). He was brilliant.

Meanwhile, a rather more seasoned guitar man breathed welcome life into Rick Parfitt (deceased). 

That was Friday.  Saturday was a very special occasion as Vanessa's fab mum, Judy, celebrated her XXth birthday.  (A real lady never reveals her age). 

That took us to Sunday when the menfolk crafted an international-themed tea.  It's something we do.

It was also our turn a few weeks ago when Portuguese food was on the menu. 

Since then, Vanessa and Charlotte treated us to the culinary treats of Italy.

And on Sunday, him and me went Stateside as we prepared a selection of dishes made famous in the land of Trump.

We started with BBQ ribs and southern fried chicken wings.

They were followed by homemade burgers and fries.

And for dessert, we baked our very own Mississippi mud pie.     

God bless the United States of America.