Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Introducing the 4-7-8 technique

Good morning, dear reader, I hope you slept well last night.  But if you didn't, I believe I can help.

To explain, I stumbled across some odd link on Facebook or Twitter on Monday and clicked onto it because I was bored.  (If you're reading this post after doing the same, no offence is taken and please come back).

The link took me to a page offering advice on how to get to sleep.  So I read it, tutted disapprovingly and moved on.

However, after climbing into the scratcher a few hours later and not feeling especially tired, I decided to try out what I'd "learnt," as follows:

  1. Close your eyes (always a good idea when sleep is what you're after);
  2. Breath in slowly whilst (inwardly) counting to four;
  3. Hold your breath to a count of seven; 
  4. Breathe out whilst counting to eight;
  5. Snore or repeat.
I don't recall reaching the end of my second attempt.

Same again last night.

Have a go to see what you think. And if it doesn't work, try wine.