Saturday, 16 January 2016

Mind the gap

Jamie lost his front tooth overnight.  He thought he'd swallowed it but Vanessa found it somewhere near his pillow.

Both developments are certainly positive from Master White's point of view.

First, the tooth's recovery now means the Tooth Fairy has an invoice for whatever she chooses to leave this evening.

And second, the tooth itself was chipped and made him look like Jimmy Tarbuck.

Jamie damaged it quite a while ago when he was propelled off a roundabout.

Walking to the Post Office this morning, I told him that he'd been really unfortunate by what had happened.

"But you're also lucky because kids get a second set of teeth," I patronised.  "If you were a grown-up, you'd have to get it fixed."

He pondered this pearl of wisdom for a couple of seconds, before responding: "But an adult would never fall off a roundabout."

Oh I don't know...