Monday, 17 April 2017

Post-Easter wine down

Greetings campers, and I hope you had a suitably restful Easter weekend.

Unlike me.

I've been decorating, you see.

If you're a regular reader, you may be aware that we got a new kitchen.  If you're a gullible reader, you might also think that it's up for an award.  However, if you read your calendar, you should've noticed that I revealed this startling fact on 1 April.  Gotcha? I suspect not.

I've now painted said kitchen (as modelled by Charlotte).


"Fresh Lime" I think you'll find.  Three coats of said stuff.

But that's not all.  Hell no. That would be far too easy.  It would've left much too much time to put my feet up and act my age.

So I did the bathroom too.

In "Cobalt."  


Plus ceiling, two doors, skirting boards etc etc in "White."  It's a colour too.  It matches our hole roll. 

Despite my Herculean decorating efforts, I feel inclined to make clear that I am not available to do yours. And neither will I be doing any more of ours for a considerable period of time.

At least not until I've rehydrated. 


Or when Vanessa decides that I have to. 

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