Saturday, 22 July 2017

Words and pictures


It's a drab day in Leeds, so we've been putting our shared time under cover to positive use.

The kids finished school for the summer yesterday, and we've trawled through the reams of paper they brought home which showcases their work throughout the year.

Jamie's been reading us his stories and, to give credit to the boy, his use of language without the benefit of swear words is on a level I could never f***ing reach.  

Meanwhile, some of Charlotte's pictures will keep me awake at night.  Here she is deep sea diving.


However, it was her explanation of "why firefighters are superheroes" that tickled me most.  And I quote:

"They help you when you are stuck in a fire, and help me when my head is stuck in a chair."

Let's hope that never happens again.  


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