Friday, 20 July 2018

Strange truths

The "before and after" school year photos aren't as as dramatic as the kids get older.  In fact, our two looked older (and taller) in the picture on the left back in September than they did this morning. 

Last night we celebrated the eve-of-end-of-term with a parade of prizes. Jamie gained his blue belt in taekwondo about half an hour earlier.  A few hours before that, Charlotte won the year 2 "creativity award" at school prize day.  The evening before that, she earned her level 5 British Gymnastics proficiency award.     

However, this blog is not about lavishing praise on our kids. No, it's about having some fun wherever possible - and ideally at our own expense.

Jamie's class delivered that this afternoon.  His teacher, Miss Gill, is leaving the school to start a new job.  Today she brought in personalised gifts for all of the kids, which were humbling in the extreme.   Each was given their very own "word portrait" made up up words and phrases which best describe the individual in question.  The words and phrases were provided in secret by their classmates and Miss Gill herself.

Jamie's includes some kind words - "friendly," "funny," "chatty" - and some accurate descriptions of the boy - "Oasis lover," "bird lover," "give it a go attitude."

However, my favourite is an absolute barnstormer: "Strange in a good way."    

That's our son.

Framed and ready for his bedroom wall, Miss Gill even took the trouble to sign the back of the picture.

She wrote: "Follow your dreams Jamie!  Don't stop being positive!  Miss Gill J"

What a fabulous human being and credit to her profession she is.  All of us our incredibly grateful for everything she's done. 

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