Thursday, 10 December 2015

The only way is down

Even at the distressing age of almost 43¾, I'm still prone to the odd short notice burst of overwhelming excitement.   And I've just had one after opening my copy of the Yorkshire Evening Post.  

In fact, my jets are yet to be calmed.  But this is probably a good thing as I'm likely to need them in the coming weeks.  

I'll get straight to the point.

Leeds is about to get its very own TRAMPOLINE PARK!!!!    
Yes, you read that correctly. Leeds is about to get its very own TRAMPOLINE PARK!!!!!!!!   

Honestly, I'm not even making it up.  And it's opening in less than THREE WEEKS!!!   

Located at Kirkstall close to the city centre, the 20,000sq ft. arena will house more than 80 trampolines.  You can also play dodge ball, jump in a foam pit or tackle a "Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course."  Really. Honestly. I'm not making this up. 

And you've not even heard the best bit yet.  

According to the general manager, "You can bounce from one trampoline to the other but we also have angled trampolines so you can literally bounce off the walls.”

And there was you wondering why I was excited.

Due to throw open its doors on Monday 28 December, everyone above the age of five (including 43¾-year-olds) is invited to make a mouth of themselves.

As luck would have it, Charlotte turns five next week so hopefully I'll have not one but two willing volunteers to "drag" me along. 

But if they want sweets, I'm definitely having first go.