Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Every so often when your kids are growing up, one of them will do or say something which reminds you that they won't be so young and "innocent" for long.

I had one such moment last night when I rushed home with some cut price sleeping attire for him and her.

Charlotte was delighted with her Shopkins nightie, which pleased me greatly.

But Jamie was a touch more standoffish about his Batman pyjamas, complete with Bat Cape.

He wasn't rude, to be fair.  He just seemed a little underwhelmed.

"Do you not like them?" I whimpered.

"Well, yeah," he replied, looking a touch awkward.

"Do you not like the cape?" I ploughed on, with a dollop of desperation.

"Well, the thing is Daddy," he said, "it's not really me."

"Why not?!" I pleaded to know.

"Because I'm almost eight."

And I'm old enough to be Robin's dad.          

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