Sunday, 20 March 2016

True colours

I've missed quite a lot of Aireborough Lions Under 8s tag rugby this year, but thankfully I was able to make the Sandal Festival today when it was well-deserved medals all round.

And other than Jamie's three tries, there was one particular highlight for me.

Above you can see a Roundhegians player in a yellow bib with a number 15 on his back.  That's our bib.  He was wearing it because they were a jersey short so he had been wearing a maroon skin skirt.  But because Aireborough were also wearing maroon, something had to be done before their game against our boys could begin.    

The referee said so in the player' huddle, but one of the Roundhegians was confused.

"Why can he not just wear his own shirt?" he gently enquired.

"Because it's the same colour as the other team's," the ref replied.

Our opponent thought about this for a second, before firing back: "But we know who he is!"

That's why getting up early on a Sunday morning tends to be worthwhile.

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