Saturday, 15 October 2016

Live on stage - two nights only

I haven't posted here for a while because I had nothing to tell you.

But I went out on Thursday and Friday nights - yes, two in a row - which must surely be worthy of comment.

First up, Jamie treated me to the Jean-Michel Jarre concert in Leeds.

Well I say that. I paid, obviously.  And he didn't really know who Jean-Michel Jarre was, other than the fact that he plays space tunes.  And he only really went because he got to stay up late.  But let me have my moment.

As luck would have it, he loved every second. Quite right too. I mean, look!

Keep looking.

Look a bit more.

That's supposed to be the Pet Shop Boys. Just a couple more.

That's his Laser Harp.

And they're big skulls.  Impressed.  Yes, so was I. And so was Jamie.

Job done.

Last night was an entirely different affair.

Vanessa and I joined some very special friends at a comedy night at Guiseley Theatre.

Big crowd, lots of fun, what's not to like?

Until the headline act arrived on stage.

He's a Canadian gentleman. I didn't catch his name.  And he started off well.

That was before he covered me in toilet roll.

Still, it could've been worse.

And then it was.

That's a fag he's shoving in my mouth.

He later tried to remove it with a whip.  Then he gave me the chance to do the same with him.

So, joint losers then.

I'll settle for that.

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