Thursday, 22 September 2016

Manual control

I'm exhausted.

Yes, it's night three of Vanessa's foreign jaunt and I'm beginning to flag.  But at least I have my instruction manual.

What you see above is a genuine typed document, prepared by Mrs White, which details how I get the kids (and myself) through the week of her absence.

And thank goodness she has so little faith in me.

For example, tonight was Jamie's Tae Kwon-Do class.

And thankfully we made it (mainly because the instructor was late).  But had it not been for Vanessa's helpful aide memoire, he might've ended up at Charlotte's modern dance class (which is tomorrow, according to page 237 paragraph 4 of the manual).  

Let's hope my run of accurate efficiency continues.

But first, I have some ironing to do.

She'd better bring me back a present.

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