Thursday, 12 April 2018

Jen's all set to face the music

My good friend Jennifer McCracken (now Trohear) is doing something rather wonderful next weekend and would welcome your support.

From Coleraine (of course she is), the only intensive physical exercise I ever remember Jen engaging in at school was playing the cello.  That said, as an ex-violinist myself, I can confirm that string bashing can still be very tiring.  And a cello is a lot bigger. In fact, as this lifesize comparison shows, it's even bigger than Jen.

But I digress.  Yes, Jennifer has upped her game.  She's entered the London Marathon.  (All lapsed cellists end up doing the London Marathon one day).

Jen is running in memory of a little guy called Edward Dee who brought happiness to many before being cruelly taken away by Meningitis.  The cash raised will go towards raising awareness of this b*stard of a disease, as well as finding a way to destroy it.

As a parent myself, I can think of no better cause.     

Crucially, wee Jen has been putting the miles in.  This matters.  Having run the race myself 10 years ago.....honestly...

told you...there are two crucial facts you need to be aware of. 

First, it is bloody hard.  And second, the training is even harder.

I trained up to six days a week for 16 weeks and only missed one session in that period through illness.

Jen has adopted a similarly punishing schedule.  She completed her 20-mile "long run" a fortnight ago and is now in the "tapering" stage.  Before that, she ran all sorts of silly distances including her first-ever half marathon in Blackpool also exactly a year ago.

Our Jennifer has done magnificently well and will smash it in London (the course, not her cello).

You can read Jen's story and throw a few pennies into her virtual bucket by following THIS LINK

Good luck you madster.

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