Thursday, 21 February 2013


Greetings dear reader, I'm sorry it's been a while since my last update which also wasn't very good.

I'm writing this on board a Northern Ireland Railways service which has (thankfully) just left Ballymoney on its way to Belfast. Stops at Cullybackey and Ballymena are also scheduled, during which I'll close my eyes until they've gone away.

Since I last bored you, the Whites have been basking in the glorious North Coast sunshine. I'll show you some pictures when I get back to Yorkshire. They are anything but boring, I promise you.

It's half-term and, with Jamie now at school, we now have to plan his doses of Granny Love - shared with Charlotte, naturally - around his time off. And both have again had a terrific holiday.

Vanessa and I have also eaten and drank like those princes and princesses who regularly pop up on TV and never pay for anything. (We did pay, and were very happy to do so).

The original plan was for all four of us to fly back to Leeds Bradford this afternoon. But then something came up which requires me to be here until Sunday. More on that after it's happened.

This, of course, presents an opportunity - and it's one I intend to grab. So, this afternoon I'm meeting a friend before, this evening, meeting some friends. Then, tomorrow morning, I'm meeting a friend, another couple of friends in the afternoon and, in the evening, I'm meeting some friends. Saturday morning means rugby with some friends, it's football with friends in the afternoon, rugby with friends on TV at teatime and, in the evening, it's the big do I'm staying on for. With lots of friends. Then I'll travel back to Guiseley to dry out.

It's very good to be home, amongst friends.

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