Monday, 22 July 2013

A future son-in-law is born

This morning, just minutes after hearing the news that Kate had placed her ankles into the straps, I knew that a future king was on his way.

All day the world waited to hear if the third-in-line to the Throne was to be a boy or a girl.

But I just knew.

And I how did you know Barry, I hear you cry?  Good question. And it is a question that I shall answer.

Because our future king is to be Charlotte's destiny. 

In order to keep my children informed, I attempted to impart to both the historic significance of what was going on.  Then I asked them if they wanted a boy Royal baby or a girl Royal baby.

"A boy," murmured Jamie half-heartedly, before wandering off for a dump.

"And what do you want Charlotte, a boy or a girl?"

"A boy!" was her reply, with a significantly greater level of enthusiasm.

I thought about why she didn't go for the stock answer for a two-year-old baby lady (i.e. girl).  And then it came to me.

Because Charlotte, yes, my daughter Charlotte, is going to marry him and one day will be our Queen.

Good for her. 

It just seems such a shame that I'll be dead by then.