Sunday, 7 July 2013

What a wee weekend

Andy Murray won Wimbledon today - you've probably heard - the first British man to win the singles title since my dad was born in 1936.

His incredible achievement came in the wake of the British and Irish Lions' rugby success in Australia yesterday, when they triumphed in a three-match series for the first time in 16 years.  Wonderful.

But back to Sir Andy. 

With Jamie and Vanessa at a party, Charlotte and I "chose" to share the moment together; in the exact same manner as my mum made me "choose" to watch Virginia Wade's historic victory in 1977.  And I still gratefully remember it.

Whether Charlotte will recall Andy's big moment, I sadly doubt as I was three years older than her when Ginny hoisted the trophy aloft.
But her immediate response to his win is something I shall certainly remember - and will share with her in years to come.
Yes, she did an extra large wee wee on the potty.
So congratulations to her - and big respect to our Andy.