Thursday, 4 July 2013

Slow coach

There's nothing quite like the sight of a load of young boys and girls running around in shorts to help put a smile back on your face (STOP IT!)

And so it was last night, as the first in a summer-long series of Wednesday fun-orientated micro rugby sessions got underway at Aireborough Lions RUFC.

Under the tutelage of Coach Anthony himself, friendships were quickly reforged and ball skills swiftly regained. 

The recently-arranged activities were even more of a bonus for the fact that Anthony and many of the players will be leaving micro rugby behind come September to move up to the Under 7s. (Anthony is many more than seven years in age, but has under seven hairs on his hair - thus qualifying for the gig).

With the Lions' big recruitment drive now very much underway - most recently at Guiseley Carnival last Sunday (see below) - we're confident of filling the gaps in the playing ranks.

But how to fill the coaching void?

Easily enough, it has turned out, with four rugby daddies - each with a son remaining eligible for micro rugby next season - having already stepped forward.

There's Coach Kris (the soon-to-be-new Anthony), top Yorkshireman and still at the peak of his playing powers come a Saturday afternoon.

There's Coach Dylan, top man of Anglesey, who loves Wales, rugby, and did I mention Wales?

There's Coach Daniel, top Dubliner and sometime Shane MacGowan lookalike who, as a school teacher, will be very much at home (particularly as he can see his house from the training pitch).

And there's Coach me. 

Yes, really.

I've made clear to my teamies that I'm happy to take a back seat on this one, if only on the grounds that none of the kids will understand a word I'm attempting to utter. Including Jamie. But at their service I shall be.

The four of us have enrolled on an official Rugby Football Union coaching course being held in two Fridays' time. This is something which pleases me greatly, as I was supposed to depart for our annual camping weekend that afternoon but now won't have to leave until the Saturday morning. (I love it when a plan comes together).

I'll keep you informed on progress.