Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My new book

I wasn't intending to update this rubbish tonight but I've changed my mind.

You join me in bed where, only a few short minutes ago, I started reading my new book. 

Bought for me by my "big" (although she is in reality very small) sister Jacquie as part of my Christmas present, it's called "Stuff Irish People Love." 

On the back cover, it summarises its 175 pages as: "A treasure trove of the loves, idiosyncrasies, quirky traditions and the peculiar passions of the Irish." 

I've only reached page 12 so far, but I already feel compelled to share one very brief extract with you. 

It appears under the headline, "Inserting swear words into the middle of other words." 

And I quote:

"Irish people swear a lot. If you're Irish, you're probably responding to that statement by saying something like 'So bleedin' wha'?' On the other hand, visitors to these shores are often taken aback at the casual way we use swear words in the most innocuous situations. Here's a simple example:

'Would you like a coffee, Fiona?'

'Thanks Mick. Are there any fuckin' digestives?'"

That has really tickled me, I must concede, so expect to hear more of this book again.