Sunday, 23 February 2014

What a bummer

Last month I travelled home to attend my mum's "special birthday" meal.

And tonight, we Whites were there for Vanessa's mum's equivalent.

Being ladies, it would be wrong of me to divulge how old they are. (They were born in the same year).  But it rhymes with "beventy."  

And after cake and ice cream tonight, Charlotte still couldn't believe it.

But here's the thing.

The evening began with the customary exchange of gifts.  Before Vanessa and her mum had a conversation, during which Judy revealed that she'd bought herself a particularly personal present to "mark" this momentous occasion.

A tattoo.  On her bum.  That's right folks.  A tattoo.  On her bum. (There were even pictures floating around, but this is a family blog).

Between then and now, I don't mind admitting, I've had a few wines.

And I think it's time I had a few more.  Or I might not sleep.