Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Big Weekend in the Wee Village

I rabbited on about Macosquin's Big Marquee Weekend, here and on social media, for weeks on end.  And my enthusiasm proved to be well-placed.

Really, what an incredible few days.

I spent the first 10 years of my life living in Macosquin - a small village on the outskirts of Coleraine - and the people there are second to none.  Add to this a group of local organisers who were prepared to take a risk, and a list of artists spread across three days who were amongst the best that Northern Ireland has to offer and success was guaranteed.  

After a clubland night on Friday (I'm much too old for that caper), Saturday came to life with madly energetic Coleraine band Cellar Door, followed by this lot.

Remind you of anyone?

Well I do hope so, because they are an Oasis tribute band.  Roll With It is their name, they hail from Belfast and they were eerily magnificent.

Ending the evening was Armagh outfit Con Jovi (work it out).

In the background you can see Jon Con Jovi on the MIC; in the foreground you can see Vanessa on the beer.

That was Saturday.  Then Sunday swiftly followed (ouch), with country music the theme of the day.

Joint top of the bill was Claudy man Ritchie Remo, who went down an absolute storm. Here he is having a fiddle on the floor.

Then he fiddled on the stage, joined by his little boy (AWWW!!).

Whilst Vanessa and I fiddled in the audience with his father-in-law Kenny, an avid Leeds United fan.

I hope you're digging my cowboy shirt.  

As night fell, Mrs White dined al fresco (I spoil that woman)...

...whilst her father-in-law (left) held court under the roof of Mary Pat's Bar.

Finally, bringing the curtain down, was Ireland's top Garth Brooks tribute act Jason Hughes.

Yes he does have friends in low places etc etc.  He can also sing a bit.

I felt very privileged to be asked to help promote the event.  But spotting so many faces I hadn't seen for far too long and exchanging tales was an even greater pleasure.

Thanks to everyone involved for the welcome and the fun.  Top of the list was my oldest friend Drew Hutchinson, aka DJ Steady. Wearing the purple tee shirt, Drew was the big brain behind a triumphantly professional operation.

Roll on Big Marquee Weekend II next year.