Thursday, 27 August 2015

The weather was fair when I called to see Clare

I almost choked on my Sunday lunch last weekend when a friend sent me a picture of the Sunday Life article you can see above (that's my head on the left above the ad).

Nominations for the the Northern Ireland Pub of the Year Awards have just opened and, as regular readers of this increasingly irregular blog may know, my girl Clare Johnston deservedly walked away with last year's Bar Person of the Year Award.

Clare is the landlady of The Railway Arms in Coleraine, also known as Johnstons as it's been in the family for years.  It's my local bar when I'm home and, without question, is my favourite hostelry on the planet.

The reasons for my adoration centre on what Clare has done for and to the place, and how she treats the people who care to visit.

The most recent Johnstons upgrade came as recently as this month when the beer garden was given a splash of splendour.  

Given the "unpredictable" weather on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland, it is more likely to be frequented by smokers than sun worshippers.  But I don't like to miss out.  So last week, before my arrival, I told Clare I would be in with a packet of sweetie cigarettes to join in the fun.

And she very kindly mentioned this in her Sunday Life interview, the text of which you can read HERE.

On Monday I was delighted to keep my word.