Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ain't No Stopping Them - OW!

Vanessa and I headed off to our normal Thursday morning spin class today.

And please be assured that it's not as sad as it sounds; we always get bikes as far away from each other as possible and personal interaction is never on the cards.

As such, it's likely that few fellow spinners are aware that we even know each other.

I tell you this because, at last week's class, there was a rather surreal little episode.

Our gym has changed hands quite recently and the new owners have a different way of doing things.  One such change includes completing a register of attendees upon arrival.

As I came in, I went up to the instructor, told him my name was Barry White and three ladies standing close by burst into fits of giggles.  I've got used to this down the years and thought no more of it.

That was until the end when I walked towards the exit and some other ladies began to laugh.

It was only on the way home that Vanessa - who'd been on a spin bike next to them all - relayed the back story.

The 'other ladies' had joined the original three before the class began.  And the late-comers had been advised that I bore the name of a famous black American singer and they had to guess which one.

By the end of the class, as well as Barry White, the list included Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jnr and - get this - Luther Vandross.

I mean, really.  Do look like a Luther?  And - whilst I stand ready to be corrected - is it really likely that Coleraine is likely to have spawned a family tree of Vandrosses?

Still, at least some fun was had.  And I'm always happy to be the brunt of it.