Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Picture exclusive: Yellow fireball spotted over Edinburgh

Well that was fun.

I'm writing this as our train pulls out of Edinburgh Waverley station - and the rain begins to fall.

I don't think I've ever been on a rain-free trip to Scotland; until this one, that is.

To illustrate, here was Edinburgh Castle yesterday morning.

Just like a postcard (with me on it).  Perfect (minus me - I'll save you the trouble).

A particular highlight of our three-day excursion was meeting up on Sunday evening with my old schoolmates (from left to right) Dave, Colin and Rory, together with their families.

With work and school for everyone bar us on Monday morning, we had to get by on just the three gallons of red wine. But it was great fun.

One issue of note was just how much the boys resemble their fathers.

Here's Dave and Huw.

And here's Colin and Milo (adorned with face stickers).

Lucky old Jamie, who continues to look nothing like me.

I haven't been in dear old Edinburgh for far too long and it's good to see that very little has changed.

There's still a bagpiper on every corner.

Most menus still retain a local flavour.

And the fascination with death and illness remains almost on a par with Northern Ireland's.

Of course, it's always important to bring souvenirs back from such family trips.

But Vanessa quickly ruled out my personal favourite.

So instead it was off to the Build-A-Bear Workshop to purchase new outfits for Elsa and Thomas respectively.

Charlotte went for the bling ballerina look.

Whereas Jamie chose the path of radicalisation, transforming poor Thomas into Jihadi John (deceased),

So that was February half-term 2016 in Edinburgh.

Haste us back.