Saturday, 13 February 2016

In the name of Gove

Jamie's been having class tests at school and isn't impressed.

What is always helpful on such occasions is to have scapegoat.  So, the other evening, he asked Mummy who was to blame.

"Michael Gove," replied Vanessa, coldly.

"Why?" enquired Jamie.

"He invented exams," she continued.  "Kids used to mainly do coursework.  And then Michael Gove came along and spoilt it all."

Conversation over.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when I was working at home, and found a picture on the dining table drawn by Jamie.

And here it is.

It didn't me long to work it what was going on.

The figure in the middle with glasses is the former Education Secretary, Mr Gove.

In the left speech bubble, he's saying: "I made exams." And in the other, he's declaring: "I am nasty pants."

I'll leave you to work out the nature of the random threats that surround him.

I blame the parents.  Well, parent.