Saturday, 23 April 2016

Blazing a (trim) trail

It was all action at Jamie and Charlotte's school this morning when the parents were called in to put the finishing touches to the new trim trail.

Not being the owner of a wheel barrow, I was reduced to the very technical job of shovelling muck from one place to another.

Thankfully I had excellent company in the form of Tash, who is much stronger than I am and set the bar high.  (In fact, you can see it just behind her).  

Jamie, meanwhile, learnt to use a rake which is always a good skill to have.

This is especially true when you're small and can reach places big people can't.

His efforts were then duly rewarded with joint first go on the spider's web climbing frame.

Thankfully, there were rewards for us grown-ups too - tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches - lovingly prepared by Emma.

And through it all, we were quite rightly kept in check by Mr Madeley, St Oswald's dynamo of a headteacher who neither parent not pupil would ever dare let down.

That said, with all the work seemingly done, I thought his decision to launch an impromptu adult litter patrol was slightly taking the piss.

But still, a productive morning most certainly was had by all.  If only I could've had just one go.

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