Sunday, 24 April 2016

Jacket on or pack it in?

It was junior presentation night at Aireborough Lions RUFC on Friday when the boys and girls got to take a bow for their collective heroism throughout the year.

Here are the Under 8s with the coaches behind, led by Kris who's holding the microphone.

I've been involved on the coaching side for three years now, and it's always been a privilege.

The only problem is that I'm not very good at it.

Jamie was the first to point out my basic uselessness when he labelled me a "coach helper" rather than a coach.  Then, a few months ago, one of my coaching colleagues described me as a "social coach," a job title I've admittedly rather warmed to.

However, after some reflection,  I recently told Kris that I'd quite like to hand back my coach's jacket and just stand with the other parents next season.

But that was before Friday evening when he presented me with a brand new jacket, complete with my initials.

I tried it on when I got home and asked Jamie what he thought.

"Oh Daddy, it suits you" he said. "Now you can't really turn back into a parent."

Perhaps I need to reflect just a little bit more.

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