Friday, 9 December 2016

Man of the froth


I discovered to my horror last night that I'd run out of Guinness. And with a long weekend ahead, needed to do something about it.

So, after depositing the kids at school this morning, I headed straight for Morrisons.

I was stopped on the way in by the local vicar who just wanted to say hello.  He's a good man - not always a given with church people in my experience - and it's nice to have his approval.

I made for the beer aisle, grabbed two 10-packs of Guinness (on offer for £16) and set sail for the self-service tills. 

I was just a few feet away when, lo and behold, I found that my best vicar friend was already in the queue.

But what to do?

I appreciate that God sees everything and His opinion of me is probably well set.  But I'd prefer the vicar not to know about my love for the Devil's Buttermilk, just in case he goes off me.

Thinking quickly, I chose to take the less than Holy step of bolting off and hunkering down behind the Quality Street display until he'd left.

Thankfully only God and the CCTV man at Morrisons were any the wiser.  I'd be grateful if you'd help me keep it that way. 

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