Thursday, 15 December 2016

Poisoned elbow to the chops

And so the story moves on although, sadly, I'm staying where I am for a bit longer yet.

After a surprisingly good night's sleep on Tuesday and waking up on Wednesday with a right arm that seemed to have reduced in swelling, events took a disappointing turn.

The consultant wasn't happy with the way the wound on my hand was looking at him, and added my name to the afternoon surgery list.

I returned on a wheelchair a few hours later with my arm looking like this.


The arrow - painted on specially to inform one of Yorkshire's brightest surgical minds exactly where my hand is - also marks roughly where my current problem now lies.

The hand itself is still pretty big after the operation but seems to be recovering OK. But the rest of my arm - particularly around my elbow - is being less helpful and, if anything, is more of a problem now than before its mandatory trip to the theatre.

The LGI brains trust has just met and, after considering changing my antibiotics drips, have kept them as they are. Four times a day, pretty much max strength. 

And we just have to keep on going.

I've had two drips today already, there's another due around 8pm and my last sometime after midnight.

Then we start again around 6.30am.

By that time, hopefully the arm will be doing the opposite of bigging itself up and, when the consultant comes to see me at 8am-ish, he'll say that I'm close to release. But it's impossible to tell and I'd be lying if I said that confidence is high. 

Be assured though that I intend to remain optimistic.


  1. I feel badly for you, but prayed. Blessings, Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynn, your prayer may have made the difference. Thank you X