Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Oh my, God

In common with Theresa May and Brexit, I don't plan to provide a running commentary on all things post-burglary.  Because that would be almost as boring.

However, there will be the odd exception such as this.

I was brought up to respect members of the clergy and what they had to say.  That was until I was old enough to work out what the Reverend Ian Paisley was saying.  And there was also a local Church of Ireland minister who used to drown kittens in a sack. 

But moving on, MOST of the men and ladies of the cloth I've ever met are fine people who like to tell it as it is.

I had a chat with one such preacher - a total gent - over the weekend, during which the subject of our (still) missing VW Golf came up.

"They took your car?!" he enquired, seeking confirmation of what I'd just told him.

"They did, yes," I said.  "Please don't pray for them."

But he ignored my weak attempt at humour, and instead fired back a one-word response.



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