Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Fix of nostalgia

I mentioned that I'd been to two gigs during our family festive jaunt back to Norn Iron.

The first was Roll With It, who I'll never tire of raving about. Go see them.

And the second was my old school pals, The Fix.

I issued a final call to arms on Boxing Night.  But thanks to the tireless efforts of the band's frontman Jonny Lennox and the kindness of BBC Radio Ulster's Kerry McLean, Q97.2's Denis McNeill, The Coleraine Times, The Coleraine Chronicle and, that job had already been done.

The result was a full house at the award-winning Kiwi's Brew Bar in Portrush for an incredibly nostalgic gig in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK.  

Jonny and fellow original member and bassist Paul Beattie hadn't played a full set together as The Fix in 25 years.  And joined by new man Peter Jamison on drums and percussion, they blew the place away.

As well as the money lifted on the night, online donations and proceeds from a wonderfully supported raffle, the total raised now stands at almost £2,400.

But between you and I, it would be great to take that figure up to a nice round £2,500 to assist Alzheimer's Research UK in their fierce battle with dementia.

So, if you're doing Dry January or have chosen not to go to the pub tonight, why not throw a few quid of what you're saving into Jonny's virtual bucket? No reason whatsoever, so here's the link: 

It was fantastic to catch up with the boys and so many other old friends at the gig, many of whom had travelled home from far afield for Christmas. I'd not seen some of them in years.

But my abiding memory is the bravery shown by Jonny, Paul and Peter for actually getting up there and doing it.

What I'd not appreciated until the last few weeks was just how much practice the band put it to bring the songs together and sound so good.  Musically, they were fantastic and they should be immensely proud of what they achieved - on and off the stage.

I hope we get to see them play together again before too long.  Because I, for one, can't wait another quarter of a century.

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