Sunday, 29 January 2017

Pink, podgy and proud


Charlotte received a Gold Certificate at her school's Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon "for being a fantastic role model to others."


Got to be happy with that.

She was proud of herself in her own quiet way, but most pleasure was gained from the fact that she got to bring Ozzy the Bear (and his diary) home for the weekend.


According to Ozzy's spiel on the front of his prized possession, "I love to look back on all of my adventures and therefore bring this diary with me.  Please can you write about all the fun things that we do this weekend?" No pressure then.

The needy bear adds: "It would also be really nice if you could draw a picture or even take a photograph of you and me together!  When we return to school on Monday we can share the diary with the rest of the class."

OK then, challenge accepted. 

Perhaps surprisingly for some, food has played quite a part so far.

Ozzy had fish and chips for tea on Friday as we went out to celebrate Charlotte's success.

Before it was off to bed in a pair of pink pyjamas.

(Charlotte made an early assumption that he's a metrosexual bear).

Dressed in a pink dressing gown, Ozzy began his Saturday morning with a spread of orange juice and toast.

Next was a real treat as Charlotte whisked him off to a birthday party aboard her girlie scooter.

I understand he even had some cake.

We had pizza for tea last light.

Then this morning, after another restful night's sleep and wearing a dress, it was sausages for breakfast for our guest.

Before it was off to another birthday party - including more cake.

In a little while we're taking Ozzy for a big Sunday dinner at Grandma Judy and Grandad Mike's.

I really don't know where he puts it.

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