Monday, 18 December 2017

Merry Litmas


I was looking around our house on Saturday evening and decided that we needed more Christmas lights.

The result was a visit to Argos the following morning and the purchase of five new "products."

I'll not show you all of them because I fear the excitement may be too much for you. 

However, the "window lights" pictured above will give you an idea of the sheer quality I'm talking about.   (I chose not to put them in the window as they're just so nice I was worried they might attract jealous burglars).

And you must see this.  I've never lived in a house with outdoor Christmas lights - until now that is.

As part of my haul, I purchased an 8-metre long light rope.  192 bulbs are in there and it's a thing of rare beauty.

Here, have a gander.     

You'll go a long way to see a classier sight this Christmas or, indeed, any Christmas. 

It's a thing of rare beauty, I know you'll agree.  And a steal at just £1 per metre. 

In you live locally, you're more than welcome to pop over and have a look.  Bring a chair and sandwiches if you want to stay for a while to watch it flash.  

But please don't feel too bitter that I have one and you don't.      

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