Sunday, 11 February 2018

A year in the wife


Vanessa had yet another birthday this week - I've long-since forgotten how old she is - and really trailed this one out.

The picture above was taken on Wednesday, her official birthday.

The one below was snapped on Friday when we were out for a family birthday meal in her honour.      


Charlotte had a better time than it looks.

However, other members of the White clan also managed to celebrate some landmark moments of our own.

Charlotte finished her days at Rainbows with the formal handing over ceremony to Brownies.   



There she goes, jumping over the toadstool and into the hands of her new keepers.


It's good preparation for when she joins the Freemasons.

And yesterday I visited the Ilkley Beer Festival for the very first time. 


I think it was good.  

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