Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Young step, old shuffle


Another new step up the ladder of life this morning when Jamie headed off to school on his own with neither Vanessa nor me to be seen.

Normally one or other of us follows along behind him, with Charlotte in very slow tow.

Sadly Little Missy was off school today after barfing on her hands and coat on the way back into class after break.  That's an instant red card and one match ban these days; she's due to return tomorrow having shown no signs of illness since.   


And what a day it's setting up to be as tomorrow night we're off to a family magic show at St Oswald's Primary School in aid of the parents' group.  

Oh, and Vanessa turns 43.  We know how to spoil that woman.

I mean, look how excited she is.

Happy birthday Vanessa.    

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