Sunday, 4 February 2018

Vin de Van, anyone?


A few weeks ago, having completed a massive pre-Christmas raid of Morrisons alcohol department, I decided that we didn't have quite enough drink in our house.  So I selflessly decided to add something extra to Vanessa's Santa list.

You can see the results of it above. Well, just about.

Yes, it's a bucket of almost-ready-to-drink white wine.  All our in-house maker needs to do now is get it out of the bucket and into these.  


Actually, there are many more than that.  The bucket holds 30 bottles of wine in all and we're well-equipped after I - selflessly once again - put the time in to build up our stockpile of empties.  What a trooper, nay, hero.

The one challenge Vanessa now faces is how to syphon.  She supposedly had all the necessary kit but she's since identified another tube that can apparently do the job better - a snip at just £3 from Wilkinsons.  So we're off there this afternoon.

And then, well, hopefully I'll be invited to participate in an evening taste test.  

Give that it's a school night, I reckon three bottles will be almost more than enough.

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