Saturday, 1 August 2009

And it came to pass that the boy walked upright

Having learnt to stand up last week, someone told me the other day that it could be five or six weeks before Jamie would be taking actual steps forward. But he's surprised us all, as the above short piece of video taken yesterday demonstrates.

As with all his other little personal achievements thus far, Vanessa and I are very proud. But his new found ability does cause an immediate problem, which I'll put bluntly.

Being of the curious type, he's now certain to try to get absolutely ****ing everywhere.

Operation "Make Jamie A Prisoner In His Own Home" is therefore about to get underway...

PS There were several attempts to film him walk across the room and almost all ended in failure - his failure. This second very brief piece of footage is the best (and cutest) of the many outtakes we had to choose from.

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