Monday, 10 August 2009


I try to avoid downbeat posts on this blog, which explains why I haven't written anything since Friday.

You'll more than likely be aware that England lost by an innings at Headingley yesterday in a game which was as good as over almost before it had begun.

All the pre-game excitement, the tireless work of so many and the expenses incurred by all ended in one big let down.

On a personal level, I'm particularly sorry for my father who came across from Coleraine for the game as his summer holiday.

He, John and I went to York today and will do something else in Leeds tomorrow to see out the time but all of us would rather be at the cricket.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be a bit more cheery and will certainly try.

So, to start things off, the picture above is a screen shot of Dagenham Dave and I watching Saturday's play. You may have seen it first on Sky Sports 1.

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