Thursday, 6 August 2009

It could all turn to Ashes

You would have to be living on the Moon (or maybe Scotland) not to know that the battle for the Ashes is now in full flight, that England cult hero Freddie Flintoff has a sore knee and Aussie captain Ricky Ponting is getting booed a lot.

You'll probably also be aware that the circus has now arrived in Leeds with the Fourth Test due to get underway at Headingley tomorrow morning (although early rain is forecast so it could be the afternoon - dull fact but it wouldn't be cricket if I didn't point it out).

This is clearly very exciting, particularly for someone like me who is lucky enough to have a ticket for all five days.

My father is flying in from Belfast this afternoon to join me, and Wee John is coming up at the same time aboard the little persons' carriage of the London to Leeds train. They too will be there for the whole match, with special guests joining us on days one, two and four.

I've been fortunate to attend quite a few Test matches at Headingley over the last number of years but this will be my first taste of the Ashes in Yorkshire.

And everyone I've spoken tells me exactly the same thing: it's carnage.

Unlike previous occasions when my dad and I and, more recently, Wee John have braved the infamous Western Terrace, this year we're in slightly posher seats on the other side of the ground. But I've been advised it will still be carnage, only with slightly nicer plastic glasses and maybe the odd napkin.

Whatever happens, it should be fun and one fact is key: if England win in Leeds, the Ashes return to the mother country.

Clear head permitting, I'll try and keep you informed on what's happening in and around my seat between now and next Tuesday when the game is due to end.

I'm confident in saying it should be "an experience."

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