Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shifting sands

Bit of a panic on this morning. Regular readers may remember I had to take Jamie home early from nursery last Tuesday after he fell victim to their draconian "three shites and you're out" policy. We were therefore not informed of the two-day beach party (tee! hee!) starting today, meaning Jamie turned up with no swimmers.

"It's OK, he can take part tomorrow," said one of the nice ladies in a reassuring tone.

But it's at times like this when I realise our little boy really is getting into my bones. Within an instant, I couldn't bear the thought of him sitting on the side whilst the others had fun - so I rushed home to get his outfit. (He'd better bloody well enjoy it now).

One of the nursery ladies also mentioned a little sheepishly that they were going to try him out in "Toddler One" for part of the day.

The Little People Nursery is basically split into three groups: the Baby Room where Jamie is, Toddler One for the smaller walkers and Toddler Two for kids closer to the age of consent.

I've mentioned before that Golden Boy has been throwing his growing weight around a bit in recent times, placing his colleagues at a major disadvantage as, unlike him, they generally can't stand up to push him back.

So, almost certainly from next week, Jamie will be moving full-time to Toddler One.

And it'll be official - our little boy will no longer be a Baby.

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