Monday, 1 August 2011

The hole story

The weekend just gone brought yet more evidence - not that it was needed - of why my DIY should be done by anyone other than myself.

I got off to a reasonable (if drawn out) start on Saturday when I spent almost six hours staining a bench, three chairs and a table for use in our garden.  And even I was pleased with the results (once I'd gone back to paint the table leg I'd missed first time around).

Then, yesterday, it was time to get the drill out - an act that fills those who know me with almost as much trepidation as it does me.

Amazingly enough, the first and supposedly more challenging task of mounting a flat screen TV on our kitchen wall went well.  I still can't believe it even now, and Jamie remains convinced it will fall down at any moment. 

But my run of good fortune inevitably ran out.  

My final mission was "simply" to drill two holes in the wall, insert plugs and two screws.  And, hey presto, we'll have our own coat rack thingy.

Sadly I made one of the holes too big.  It was therefore off to Morrison's for some Polyfilla, which I promptly shoved in the wall, waited for four hours, got the drill back out - and made the problem worse.    

Maybe it will be a case of third time lucky when I get home tonight, but I doubt it.

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