Friday, 5 August 2011

NOT gone on holiday

I'll be on a week's leave in a few hours from now but, sadly, I won't be on holiday.  

We Whites aren't having a summer sojourn this year, principally because Charlotte is too wee to make it particularly feasible. 

But also because we have pink walls in our living room and, despite giving them more than a month, it appears they have no intention of repainting themselves. 

In addition to this gargantuan task, I also have four bathroom taps to de-leak (no idea how to do that), two hedges to shear with my new toy (no idea how to do that straight), two wall sockets to make safe (no idea how to do that without killing myself)  and two bikes to make roadworthy (can't be arsed to do that). 

And that's only my list for tomorrow. 

There again, Ireland are playing rugby tomorrow (BBC2, kick-off 2.15pm).

And Sunday is obviously a traditional day of rest for anyone from Northern Ireland.

So, Monday perhaps?

It'll have to be because the cricket starts on Wednesday.

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