Monday, 3 March 2014

A (machine gun) blast from the past

Jamie is doing a project at school at the moment about "toys in the past." It will end in a few weeks' time with a visit to a local toy museum.

Yesterday as part of his learning, Jamie was required to interview me on the subject. In a White Stuff exclusive, here is a transcript of how it went:

Question 1

Did you have a favourite teddy? 

I found out

Daddy had a teddy bear called Ted which he loved.

Question 2

Did you play with toy cars?

I found out

Toy cars in the olden days were called Matchbox cars and were made out of metal.

Question 3

What was your favourite toy?

I found out

Daddy's favourite toy was a toy machine gun.  His daddy also liked it so took it apart with a screwdriver to see how it worked.  It never worked again, making Daddy cry. 

I've never gotten over it.