Sunday, 23 March 2014

A worrying direction

Charlotte couldn't sleep last night so I did would any selfless dad would do, and let her get up to watch Match of the Day with me.  

But then we both got bored and decided to see what the music channels had to offer. I, for one, was not disappointed.

Midge Ure - yes! Howard Jones - oh, alright!  Bronski Beat - get in!

Charlotte, meanwhile, was fairly non-committal as I sang my way through my sad man 80s music fest.  She kept advising me that she really was enjoying herself.  But her demeanour suggested that her utterings were motivated purely by a desire to stay up late. Shocking, I know.

That was until I flicked over to 4 Music which has having a "So Wrong It's Right" evening.  Very much my kind of thing.

And this lot came on.

Yes, its One Direction. I'm really not a fan of those smiley, er, young men. Which, as a middle-aged gentlemen, is hopefully a relief to all of you.

But the same could not be said of my daughter.

Yes folks, we've got ourselves a threenager.  I may never let her out ever again.