Tuesday, 11 March 2014

More cheese please

Despite being born in the early 1970s, I regard myself as an '80s child and my "musical influences" (to quote any number of pretentious pop stars) reflect this.

So when I heard that this summer Leeds will be hosting its very own 80s music festival, I was excited.  I then had a look at the line-up, and can best describe it as "mixed."

Synthesiser king Howard Jones is playing, which is great.  I like Howard Jones.  

So too Bananarama (pictured) - yes - and Kim Wilde - absolutely.  (In both cases I may feel compelled to close my eyes and remember what used to be, but still).  I can rhyme off three of Nik Kershaw's hits, who's playing too.  I know two ABC songs (they're on), two from Nick Heyward (him too) and the same from Altered Images (I do hope they haven't sacked wee Clare Grogan).

But who else is on the list, I hear you scream?

Anyone for Alexander O'Neal?  Brother Beyond?  Jaki Graham?  The Real Thing (who even cheesy me hasn't heard of)?  Possibly not.

Other reasons to attend?

Well, for a mere £12 you can have unrestricted access to a "posh toilet." Hard to resist.

And for only £53.95 (inc. booking fee - admission ticket to the event also required) you can even get to meet "Mark Shaw from Then Jerico."  Sadly, each patron is restricted to a maximum of 10 tickets each for this once in a lifetime experience - I imagine tickets to meet Mark are a tout's dream.

As things stand, at best, Vanessa has not committed to going.  And at worst, is downright hostile to the idea. Meanwhile, I still quite fancy it.

However, if we wait too long and tickets sell out, I must just turn up at the gate and say I'm Mark Shaw from Then Jerico.