Saturday, 28 March 2015

Balls to bullies

With Charlotte at a party and Vanessa accompanying her for health and safety/free lunch reasons, the boy and I are home alone.

We should be doing something outside, of course.  But the sky looks a bit grey and this chair is very comfy.  So I've told him he can play on his Wii. (It's exercise, isn't it?)

To be fair to Jamie and, more importantly, me, he did do a quiz earlier.  The photo even confirms it (in case his mother asks).

Those of you with that rare ability to read sideways will note that it's entitled "Transport Teaser." And you'll obviously want to know more.

In short, you have to put yourself into the mindset of a Jedi knight.  And with that head on, you've got to answer some questions to enable the Jedi Order to decide what mode of transport should be assigned to you.  Got that?  Good, I am glad.

So Jamie answered his six multiple choice questions and, in five out of six, he chose 'A.'  The transport prescription for knights answering in that way was a "Republic cruiser."  I'll defer to his Star Wars Activity Annual to explain why:

This starship was built for the purpose of carrying ambassadors on diplomatic missions. It has no weapons, and it is the perfect vehicle for a Jedi who favours peace and diplomacy above battles and danger.  You are wise and kind, and your gentleness is very valuable.

A lover not a fighter, good man.

But I still wanted to know why he answered one question with a 'B' rather than an 'A.'  So I had a read of the relevant teaser, as follows:

Q: You are playing football in the park when someone takes your football, what is your response?

A: You try to reason with them and persuade them to return the ball.

B: You attack them and force them to return the ball. 

As someone who tries to be a responsible father, I did point out that violence is bad and he should really have gone for 'A.'

Then I slipped outside and punched the air.