Friday, 20 March 2015

Sunshine in Guiseley shocker

So, how did the eclipse go for you?

16 years ago, when the last eclipse was alleged to have taken place here, I was living in London. And I watched the "once in the lifetime" event (clearly untrue 'cos I'm still here) via the medium of a puddle on the roof of the House of Commons.  

I don't recall seeing anything of interest in there. Maybe it was a dirty puddle.

Fast forward to this morning and, yes, I can report to having had a solar experience.

In fact, have a look at precisely what my peepers feasted on from platform 2 of Guiseley train station.

You may note that not much of the Sun is in view. 

The bloke standing beside me said that this was because the Moon was in the way. 

The things you learn.