Sunday, 29 March 2015

News: Man reads news

The General Election campaign gets formally under way tomorrow.  And with so many different parties to chose from these days, the sight of politicians - both in the flesh and in the media - is something I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to between now and Thursday 7 May.  

I mention the media because competing for journalistic attention will be a key element of the each of the parties' overall strategies.  But in an era of decreasing budgets and shrinking staff numbers, it's not always easy for news outlets to cope with demand at election time.

So sometimes you have to innovate.

I was thinking about all of this yesterday (you wouldn't want to be in my head, not even for a second) when I was reminded of the Bradford Conservatives local election campaign launch in 2007, fronted by former party leader William Hague.

As one of the most high profile Yorkshiremen still breathing air, you might think that getting the Yorkshire Post to cover his appearance at the event would be relatively straightforward.  But when I spoke to the paper, I was told that they wouldn't be able to have a photographer present.

"If I send you a picture, will it get in?" I asked.

"It depends if it's good enough," replied the man from the Yorkshire Post.

I do like a challenge.

So, a little later when Mr Hague arrived, I outlined the situation to him and explained I'd had a little idea.

"Would you be up for it?" I asked..

"Of course," he enthused back, "no problem."

This is the photo I took.  

It got in.