Sunday, 15 March 2015

Racing Green and Whites

Have a gander at our freshly-painted garage door.  Racing Green, I think you'll find.  Much more exciting in theory than Battered Black, which it was until this time last week.

Sadly, it only looks OK from a distance.  When I slapped the first coat on seven days ago, it seemed alrightish the following morning but obviously required a second layer.  

The problem was that the paint takes 16 hours to dry and rain was forecast for the next few days.  So I eventually went for it on Thursday evening when it was supposed to be dry outside.  It then rained and made the paint all lumpy.

I tried to smooth things out yesterday but failed dismally. Our garage door now looks like someone has wallpapered it with Racing Green bubble wrap.  And worse, this morning when coat number three was still drying, I forgot and it's now got my hand print on it.  I would attempt yet another patch-up job later but more rain is forecast.  Thank you God (for inventing swear words).

In other developments, Jamie and Charlotte have had their eyes tested.

After a joint interview with Mr Specsavers Man, during which no health problems were reported, Jamie was first into the big chair.

And disastrously for him, he has 20:20 vision - so he can't get glasses.  Life is full of disappointments.

Charlotte was next up and, because her letter vocabulary only currently extends to c, h, a, r, l, o, t and e, she instead had a game of Name That Picture.

And she won - meaning no glasses for her either.

She remains devastated.

Her brother's mood picked up a little later when he lost his first tooth.  Ker-ching.

Charlotte is now going at hers with a mallet. She's not bothered about the cash, but has long-wanted a real fairy to see her room.