Tuesday, 13 October 2015

And shortly before tea time, a game of rugby broke out

Well, I made it back from Cardiff after a sporting experience I've not seen the like of before.  80,000 madsters cheering loudly under the roof of the greatest purpose-built rugby stadium in the world.  And Ireland won.  Other than nasty injuries to several heroes on the field, what was not to like?

The fun began on Saturday when I met up with my pal Daniel and five of his ex-work colleagues from the European Commission in Brussels.  There was a Dane, a Frenchman, an Italian, an Austrian and the inevitable Irishman.  All very different and brilliant to a man.

We even went to a disco.

I didn't dance, obviously.

Then to the game on Sunday, starting with the pre-match warm-up in the Walkabout bar.  (I had kangaroo and chips for lunch.  When in, er, Cardiff).

Honestly, some of the sights.

And then we made our way to the ground.

With a few others.

Who weren't all Irish fans.

I mean, really.

And there was plenty of French support inside the stadium too.

This monsieur was sitting two up from me.

Quackers, I know.

And after Ireland's well-deserved victory, the party got truly underway.  I have no idea who those people were, but they were having fun too.

And them.

And them.

It was a genuine privilege to be part of it.  Memories to last until the next time.