Sunday, 25 October 2015

London Whites

Good morning and welcome to Retford, which is somewhere between Leeds and that London.  

The reason for our current location is that we Whites are indeed headed to that London on a half-term jaunt.  The jury is as yet unable to reach a decision on whether it can be described as a "break." Speaking on behalf of Mrs White and myself and fully conscious of the presence of our children, I suspect not.

To be fair, her and me must accept much of the blame for the lack of likely downtime over the next two-and-a-bit days.  Because yes, dear friends, we're packing a lot in. 

And we're starting as we foolishly planned to continue. For example, upon arrival at King's Cross, we have less than an hour to get across the city to board that London Eye. After quickly checking into our downmarket digs, Covent Garden is next on the list before dinner in Chinatown. 

Intriguingly, it has been rumoured that Uncle Wee John will be joining us at that point, which should be fun - if the rumours are true.

It's an early start tomorrow with a tour of the Palace of Westminster due to get underway at 9.15. 

After that, we're splitting up on gender lines. Jamie and I are going on a boys' trip to the Cosmonaut exhibition at the Science Museum. Meanwhile, Vanessa has agreed to act as lady-in-waiting whilst Princess Charlotte embarks on a pilgrimage to stand outside the home of the other Princess Charlotte and have a go in her local (posh) playground. (Apparently there isn't a smashed bottle or an empty Special Brew can to be seen. Fancy that).

Other activities will follow, including a visit to a child friendly pub (yet to be identified). And we'll end proceedings with the inevitable trip to Hamley's "which we'll only go to if you BEHAVE!!!"

Vanessa really should cut me some slack once in a while.

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